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Audio Cable

Speaker cables and other audio cables to make your system sing.

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AV Cable

Component video? Digital audio? Some systems need cables that are not HDMI..

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Put those mismatched AV units in the cupboard and use IR extender's instead

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Banana plugs, right angle RCA's. All those other little pieces that help.

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Discounted IR kit

A complete Kordz IR kit is now available for under $100, including the IR target

Ultra HD 4x4 Matrix

We have a new switch just arrived. This switch has it all, 1.4, 3D 4k and excellent coffee stand.



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4x4 HD-Base-t Matrix

3D, High Speed, Ethernet, IR, All over a single wire from a truly remarable matrix switch....


We have an excellent range of HDMI Cables from Kordz. At the start of the range, the EVO HDMI cables represents a big step in performance when compared to standard HDMI Cables. For people looking for that extra step in performance we have the EVS HDMI Cables series which will suit almost all middle to high end setups. And we have the Master Series HDMI Cables for ultimate performance.

We also stock a range of high quality HDMI Switch's, HDMI Extenders and HDMI Splitters.

We're pleased to offer a full range of Audio Cables and Speaker Cables to suit all requirements from the casual listener to the audiophile. Our top of the range mono and stereo cable is an amazing performer suited for front and centre channel applications. What's more the Vortex Audio Cables are excellent value when compared to other cable at this level. The Vortex cable is available as a Balanced Audio Cable as well. We stock many other Audio Cables, including 3.5mm stereo Cables, some fantastic speaker cables and subwoofer cables.

Check out our wide range of Video Cables which cover all the standard formats. We have a high quality selection of Component Video Cables and we also cater for the european SCART Connectors with a range of SCART Cables and SCART Adaptors. Although not as popular now we still have a high quality S-Video cable for customers who require this format.

Although HDMI has rapidly become the norm digital audio cables are still required in many setups for connecting a digital source to amplifiers and perhaps display panels. Most laptops and PC's have the option of a Digital Coaxial Audio output and we offer cables to suit. Along with an excellent range of TOSlink Optical Audio Cables as well. Not sure which is better or can't decide between the coax digital or optical TOSlink, check out our FAQ on Digital Audio Cables for more info or ask us if you need a more detailed answer.

The Kordz IR Extender systems represent one of the most comprehensive and flexible IR Repeater solutions around. They will allow you to do something as simple as store your AV gear in a cupboard and still use the remote. Or as complex as having one set of AV gear controlled from 10 different rooms with 10 different screens. We have 3 different IR Extender Kits to suit the variety of setups and a range of IR Targets as well.

We're very happy to help with any custom requests you may have.We have over time made many custom cables for customers including SCART to VGA, XLR to RCA, RF to F-type and many, many more.
We also have access to a vast amount of items not displayed on our website. Examples to list just a few are M1-DA adaptors, optical to coaxial converters and back, powerboards, in wall speakers and again many, many more.
Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your requirements. Although not stock items we can offer a reasonable turnaround.

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