Our Vortex cable has been around for some time and with good reason. It has also received many positive reviews and feedback from our customers.

The active core of VORTEX comprises a large 18AWG core of pure solid OCC for the best possible sound. This extraordinary signal is then protected by 100% double shielding, by way of an overlapped foil wrap and a pure OFC braid shield, which drains directionally through the 18AWG solid OFC helixed core.

Our latest version of Vortex now features our own RCA plug which has an OCC centre pin, thus continuing the excellence delivered by the cable.

Vortex is only available as unterminated cable - sold per metre, for all the DIY'ers out there. (Two c-Link locking RCA plugs are included at no additional cost). 

Simply order two lengths for a stereo pair.

  • Solid 99.9998% OCC core for the best possible sound
  • Solid 99.998% OFC helixed drain core for directional 'star ground'
  • Colour coded Teflon® insulation on both conductors
  • Nitrogen Injected natural Polyethylene Dielectric
  • Industry leading low capacitance
  • Professionally hand terminated with high content silver solder for supreme resolution
  • 18AWG Solid OCC Active Core
  • 18AWG Solid OFC directional drain wire
  • 8mm Outer Diameter "Ice Blue" Pearl jacket


  • Conductor Resistance: 0.0212 Ohms/m @20°C
  • Capacitance: 45.15 pF/m @ 1kHz
  • Inductance: 0.571 µH/m @ 1kHz

VORTEX ™ Audio

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