Accessories FAQs



These FAQ's are just focused on accessories we stock. If you have questions relating to other items that you need help with please ask, even if it's not our product we're always happy to chat about electronic things with buttons :)

  • Will banana plugs change the sound quality?

    No. Any reasonable banana plug will neither degrade nor enhance the sound quality. Banana plugs are a mechanical device which allow for easy connection of speaker cables. A good quality plug will provide a firm fit into the binding post whilst also gripping the cable very firmly.
  • Which banana plugs should I use?

    In truth none (see question above). However most of us have cabinets and speakers pushed against walls so getting behind them to use a screw down terminal is tricky. The GBP241's are a good choice with their plastic shell as they are less likely to cause a short, they use the same centre pin as the 184's. Both the 184's and the 345/390's have a higher quality finish which adds to the overall appeal, looks wise. For heavier cables the locking banana's (345/390) are a great choice as they won't come out of the binding post once locked in.
  • Should I use a mono subwoofer cable or the y-adaptor to plug into both left and right channels?

    Most subwoofers give you a choice of a mono or stereo (actually dual mono) connection. Using the stereo connection should make no impact on the sound quality, in theory. However it will normally increase the signal by 3db which is audible to the human ear. This increase can easily be adjusted in most home theatre amps or the sub. The actual quality of the sound from the subwoofer won't change.
    NOTE: There are a small number of subs that require both channels to be connected for their auto-on function to work, always read your manuals.