Hello Gregory,

I am e-mailing to say i have received the Custom cables i ordered from you.

I can say without any doubt i will be back to purchase other cables in the future.

The quality of the cable and fittings are second to none. It is the best i have seen and the workmenship is the same.

If you keep doing what you are doing you will have many customers in the future. With your communications when you could not get a connector and offered a different solution is just great.

The other thing that i find important is custom made cables like you did for me without charging me to much extra for doing it.

The number one thing that is so important to me is Communications so i know what is going on at all times and very high quality product.

Hope this helps you and all the best.


Graham, WA

Hi Gregory,

Thought it was time to give you some feedback on the interconnects. In a word, well two actually........simply brilliant. 
I did not think that the differences would be very noticeable, but rather more on the subtle side. 
I was wrong. 
The sound via your cables is very balanced and neutral across the audio spectrum. Nothing seems to be emphasised to a point where it appears to be forward of the mix. This was my initial assessment after the first 2 hours of listening. 
At first I thought that this was a problem, coz they seemed to lack the imapct and slam of my other interconnects. So I swapped over to the Tara Labs Prism 3's. And then it sunk in....... 
Yes, the Prisms are very dynamic, with tremendous impact and drive in the bottom end and lower midrange. And that is what impresses you when you listen to them. But in comparison to the CLINK interconnects, the rest of the frequencies seem constricted, not as airy or open, and the top end also seems to be forward and brash, lacking control and finesse.

Now that I've got  up some 150 plus hours on your cables, they seem to have settled in and the quality of the sound just continues to impress me. Just one more thing, they will show up poorly recorded and engineered music. Which is a good I suppose, coz they'll compel one to listen to and appreciate quality recorded material. 
BTW, all critical listening is done via headphones + Asgard HPA + Marantz CD67SE. So there are no room interactions to interfere with the sound. 
I would recommend the CLINK interconnects to anyone looking for a top notch interconnect, at a bargain price. Equivalents from the big boys would probaly cost 3 times as much, sans the personal touch. 
Keep up the good work.


Laurel D'Cruze

Laurel D'Cruze

Hi Gregory
I'm very happy with the cables!! I have noticed a change in sound and am very happy. Even my wife, who can be a little tone deaf, said she noticed a difference.

Thanks very much for all your help!


(Purchased Vortex interconnects)


Dear internet sales team
To whom this may concern,
I was searching the internet for a HDMI splitter cable and came across your web site, looking at the cost and comparing with other much cheaper
Products on the market I decided to purchase your HDMI one to two splitter cable for $89.00
I was very impressed with the speedy delivery and even more impressed with the way it was packaged in an air tight sealed bag
I connected it that day and was just as impressed with the way it functions with zero loss in quality as your site had claimed
Money very well spent!
You will defiantly see me back as a customer
Well done sales team

Joe, Prospect, SA


Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you. I managed to amend the cables (Siren Speaker cables) with ease and they now fit perfectly into my receiver. My speakers now sound superb bi-amped and the most immediate difference I could hear compared to the old cables was more separation between highs and lows, and tighter bass. They have literally bought my music to life as it's bought out more detail and I can now hear little things in the music that I never had before. I'm still not quite 100% happy with the low frequency wires at the speaker end though as they are a tiny bit long (by about 1cm) which is causing them to bend, placing unnecessary stress on the wires. So I guess at this stage I'm just wondering if it's relatively easy to unscrew the banana plugs, terminate the wire at the required length and then replace the plugs? If you think I would be up to the task, could you please give me any advice on how I would go about doing it. Thanks so much for your patience.

Kind regards

(purchased Siren Spekaer cables)

Kade, VIC

Hi Gregory,

just a quick note to thank you for your prompt correspondence, and also for the quick despatch of my 1x2 splitter when stock came in.

I am very happy to advise that the splitter solved an issue I have been dealing with for some time, and it also improved the picture quality of my system.

I am running a yamaha 3800 amp, with a PS3 and Teac 7250 DVR running to the amp via HDMI. The 1x2 splitter is then used to feed an epsom 1080p projector (10m HDMI cable run to the projector) and a 1080p computer monitor (2m cable). Historically when using a Kordz splitter, i encountered sparklies on either of the two outputs, meaning i had to set the resolution to 1080i to avoid the issue. 

Now all is good! 1080p without incident since i first plugged it in.

Thanks and regards

Scott Roberts, WA

Hi Gregory, Just a short note to let you know that the HDMI over cat 5 extender works well. I am delighted.  Seems to be HDCP v1.4a compliant.  I have even tested with 3D video and it works as well.

So thank you very much for your help.  I will know where to come next time.

James Cominos, NSW

Hi Guys,

wanted to let you know how much your help in setting up my system was appreciated. The Matrix switch is working great, even extended to the furthest room of 35m.

And despite the complexity of 8 rooms and 3 different sources, it's all simple to operate and so far completely stable.

Many, many thanks for taking so much time to help me work through this and find a workable solution.

Sean, NSW

Hi Ciara, thanks for the help, really appreciate you staying after hours for me to pick up the switch. It would be great if other retailers had the same level of service.

James Harris, NSW

I picked up the switch from the Post Office this morning (I missed the delivery yesterday morning), and have just connected it. My concerns that it may exhibit the same problem as the other splitters were unfounded; it works great, with the 1280x720 output from the PC filling the display panel perfectly, and the digital audio being routed to my amplifier via an optical cable. I am one very satisfied customer.

Thank you again for your excellent service; I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends. 

Julian Jordan, NSW


Your new “Siren” Multi Core speaker cable is BRILLIANT. I can hear a noticeable improvement in my speakers. The low range is more “punchy” & the high range is now amazing. I have also noticed that the required volume on my amp is now much lower to deliver the required volume from my speakers.   

Wayne Johnson, NSW

Since hearing about your company several years ago, I have exclusively bought your cables for all my applications with fantastic results. With the chopping and changing of componentry I find myself about to connect my Yamaha RX-V1 to a power amp for the 2 Front and Centre Channels. I have a spare component Video Vector-C cable which just happens to have three RCA-RCA connections... Whist I understand it is not comparable to the Vortex cable, would it be a suitable alternative to the Evolution/Mogami Cable?

Dan Johnson, Australia

Just to let you know – the HDMI splitter worked a treat – splits output from my PVR to two TV’s and allows CEC (Panasonic Viera Link) control from both TV remotes.

Thanks for your help and great service.

Kind regards, Rob.

Robert De Roach, WA

Hi There,

Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for the brilliant service and great quality of your Clink HDMI cables.

Andrew S, SA

Hi Gregory,

I'm extremely happy with the Vortex cables. I have a 20 year old Hi-Fi system that I'm currently upgrading.
Recently purchased a computer and DAC as my front end, with my good old amps and speakers doing the rest.
I just wasn't happy with the overall sound so I decided to upgraded the cables, I'm sure cables must be much better 20 years on.
I'd previously purchased a HDMI cable from clink and was very impressed so I thought I'd try your other cables.
The Vortex cables cleaned up my muddy bass, improved soundstage and detail.
The sound is still changing and improving as the cables burn-in.
Anyway, I thought I would try your speaker cables also, hopefully I'll get as much improvement as I got with the Vortex cables.

Wayne Ward, NSW

Hello Clink,

I was very surprised, as was my wife, that the Vortex made such an impact to the sound quality.

Wasn't expecting to hear such a change through the ceiling speakers.

Thanks for helping in the decision making process, offering a satisfaction guarantee and the quick turnaround.

Gary, VIC

Just to let you the converter worked first go, no issues at all. 
Once again thanks for the fantastic service.

Steven Lear, NSW

Recently I installed a HDMI Network throughout my house, including IR for the TV remotes. I worked out a design that I thought would work for my particular layout and then shopped around on the net looking for a company to assist me. I sent my design to one company and received a quote from them, which knocked me over.

I then found CinemaLink. I rang Gregory and he was extremely helpful. We made some changes to my original design, mainly with a view to reducing the maximum length of the HDMI cables to 5m. The end configuration included; 1 8-way HDMI splitter feeding 2 TVs via 5m cables (each), plus 1 Cat 6 extender (20m) which feeds a 4-way HDMI splitter and a Cat 6 extender (20m) feeding another TV. The 4-way splitter is feeding 2 TVs via 5m and 2 m HDMI cables. Soon I will be adding 2 more Cat 6 extenders to the 8-way splitter (both 20m away) and a 5m HDMI cable to another TV off the 4-way splitter. I am confident that they will work perfectly as well.

This configuration leaves me plenty of room for expansion in the future. Added to this I have installed 3 remote IR units ( 2 are 25m away from the source and one is 10m away) with 1 more to be installed soon. These have all worked very well once you settle on the best location for the sensor.

I am very happy with the end result. I found Gregory quite knowledgeable and he has been extremely helpful with his advice and pricing and he is very obliging. Nothing is too much trouble. A great experience.

Alan Blackley, VIC

Again I reiterate this retail experience* has been brilliant.

* notwithstanding the quality of the product is yet to be experienced, though I expect it to, to be "brilliant"!

With all things ending as well as they've started, I shall be definitely recommending c-Link to my family and friends

Excellent customer service - very much appreciated If only all other retailers had the same attitude!!

Paul Martin, VIC

(2nd email, Vortex interconnect for Left and Right channels))

Hi Gregory,

Upgrading the left and right cables to match the Y-link on the centre speaker made the soundstage uniform. 

I was watching a movie “Master and Commander” the other night. I was stunned. The canon shots were so realistic – not only the explosion, but the sound the ball made traveling through the air. 

Having now got used to the Vortex cable, I cannot see how one can ever go back to the old cable. Within the next month or so I will contact you to upgrade the surround cables as well. At some stage I will send back the Y-link cable and ask you to shorten it for me by about 20cm.


(1st email, Vortex interconnect for Centre channel)

Hi Gregory,

I did a fair bit of listening last night. The centre speakers are very, very difficult to evaluate – so I learnt the hard way last night. 

It took me a while to work out but the new Vortex cable is definitely superior – which is a compliment as I am already using the best professional cable I could source in Australia. 

The overall effects of changing the cable were:

  1. -          Bruce Springsteen’s voice was more natural and less harsh. The sound was coming from his throat and he didn’t sing with his mouth partly closed.
  2. -          The centre speakers “disappeared” and although the sound was there, it was much more difficult to detect where the sound was coming from – pointing to the fact that the speakers were opening up – much improved imaging. The Emes Black centre speakers I am using use a single driver design (with tweeter in the coil section of the main driver) – no wonder they “disappear” with good cable.
  3. -          The cable is not bright – but has improved pass through characteristics for higher frequencies – where most of the information is anyway. It does not lack any lower frequency content either.

The bad news (for my budget) is that there is now an imbalance in my system – you can clearly hear that I am using different cables and I will be forced to upgrade my main speaker cables as well. I am hoping not to have to upgrade my rear speaker cables – but I may be forced to. Their current length is 5m. 

The good news is that although the Yamaha MSP-10 monitors are invariably criticized for being slightly bright because of the titanium tweeters they use, I think this cable will not accentuate the problem. The Yamaha’s can open up beautifully, and I expect stunning results with this new cable.

Herman Visser, QLD

Thanks heaps, The previous cable's were fantastic :) Also the package came very quick, We ended up receiving them on Friday after being shipped Thursday.

Ben, QLD

Hi Gregory,

I just wanted to let you know that I have received my Vortex cables and have had them in the system for a couple of days now.  I am most pleased with the improvement they have brought to my system and this is the first time that I have experienced a notable improvement from interconnects.  Anybody that is skeptical about the difference that quality interconnects can bring should seriously give these a go because anybody could hear the difference here imho.  My wife even noted the difference and she is not what I would call a ‘critical’ listener.  They have smoothed out the bass response of my mains quite noticeably over the Tara Labs cable I was using.  Also of note is the more linear midrange response. 

So I’m very happy with the result here.  Thanks again for the advice and excellent service.  It is very refreshing to deal with a company that seems to actually care about their customer’s outcomes, and is able to provide very good service at reasonable prices.  Thanks again and I will be recommending these cables to everyone.

Drew Nugent, WA

From the first email to c-Link, i must say that the customer service has just been Excellent.

When buying a product, you expect good service as well and clink has it together.

Got some technical help from the staff, Ordered the product i wanted and the

next day i was enjoying it.

Great Experience!

Thierry S, NSW


Excellent service once again.

Wouldn't buy my cables from anyone else!!!


Peter Lay, VIC

Thanks guys, It’s all working as it should, DVD and PC are both OK and we’ll order Foxtel with HDMI shortly. Thanks for the help and I have already recommended you to a mate who installs electronics in boats as he is now starting to get requests for high end video and sound systems.

Bo Ernfridsson, NSW


Just wanted to thank you for the great products you offer. I recently ordered a 6 channel audio cable for connection between a blu-ray player and amp and could not be happier. The cable quality is outstanding and shipping time superb. I now know why all our cables are bought through Cinema-Link.


David Sammut, VIC

Hi Gregory. Cables arrived thanks.

Mate, i'd like to give you my feedback now, no need to wait. Had a good 5 hour listen last night with AKG K701 headphones and only using 1 set of Vortex IC's betwwen CDP and Amp. What a bloody great product! I listen to these phones 3-4 hours a night. I heard details in familiar recordings that iv'e never heard before, i didn't expect that. Soundstage depth and instrument separation/detail has improved NOTICEABLY, i didn't expect that!!

All cables i've tried (including silver) made a very, very small difference, took a while to pick differences, but with these cables it was an immediate change. I can't see any skeptic/scientist/5y.o. kid not being able to pick a difference here, i now even have the volume 25-30% lower, explain that to the experts. Just a very clean, clear sound. Some recordings a bit bright (with 701's), but i put that down to being my CDP (Raysonic CD128).

Also tried my other phones, Ultrasone Edition 9's, and they love these cables, really tightened up the bass, more detail, and widened the soundstage. I'm sure you can understand why i'm pretty excited. To top it off, i had a listen to one song through my speakers (Royd Doubletts/ME850 poweramp). A song i've heard hundreds of times, and, believe it or not, i heard a guitar in the second verse that i have never heard before, and the bass 'playing' was that realsitic i found it hard to get to sleep.

I could go on and on but i guess you get the point. Looking forward to using these with my brothers system, you may get another customer. Anyway, enough rambling, i'll be in touch for some cables soon.

Thanks again. BRAD.

Brad Screen, NSW

I'd just like to give you some positive feedback for the service c-Link provided me.

I was in need of a quality HDMI splitter to be used in my system. I have a PS3 that I want to connect to two Sony Bravia 1080p TV's. One TV is approximately 1m away from the PS3 & the other is about 17m which goes through two wall plates and a 15m Kordz HDMI cable. I found your company through the Kordz website and thought your prices were competitive.

So after purchasing a HDMI v1.3 splitter and connecting, I experienced handshake problems and could only get 1080p to both TV's under certain conditions. I couldn't get 1080p when only one TV was one and the other off. After discussing the problem with you, we believed the problem was possibly a factor of the brand of splitter, the long cable run and the large number of cable connections that the HDMI signal had to go through (inc. the two wall plates and Splitter). We then tried a HDMI extender, but this didn't fix the problem.

You then suggested to wait & try a new HDMI splitter you were getting in stock which had a 1m lead already connected. You thought this may have fixed the problem due to one less connection. So I installed it when it arrived and everything worked perfectly first go. I could get 1080p signal to both or just one TV, regardless of the sequence of turning on each device . I didn't even need the HDMI extender! So thanks again for working with me to get my system working properly.

Tony Gaul, QLD

Thank you for offering me this refund and it just reinforces why I will continue to purchase any future HT accessories from you. Your service is one of the best I've encountered and is much appreciated.

Simon Brown, VIC

Thanks very much, your service puts alot of others to shame and I look forward to dealing with you again.

Iestyn Stapeley, WA

We received the cable today and hooked it up. The ghosting is now completely gone ! (in reference to 15m VGA cable)

Mike, ACT

Received the goods, and am very happy. will be sure to purchase all my cables from clink and recommend to peers.

Nicholas Darcy, QLD

Just thought I would take the time to offer my thanks for arranging and sending my speaker cables (Master 2.2 and Evolution to me at Herald and Weekly Times Melbourne). I’ve installed them and the difference compared to what I was using before is quite substantial. I didn’t realise that c-Link advertises on the DTV Forum. I’ve been a member there for a few years now and found an old thread mentioning others experiences dealing with you and it’s been very positive which I’m not surprised at. I’ve mentioned you to my brother who has just received his last piece of his Home Theatre and will be ordering some speaker cable from you hopefully this week. So thanks again for your help and assistance you made me a very happy person.

Anon, VIC

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the quality and timely information you provided regarding HDMI switches. I’ve now placed an order for the HiFi switch and look forward to it being delivered. I’ll be sure to recommend you guys wherever I can, first place is the xpmediacentre.com.au forums. Much appreciated!!

Shane Borczuch, VIC

Gregory was a fantastic help. I had quite the cabling problem and instead of telling me “I don’t have that cable/adapter - sorry”, which is what most stores would say, he patiently spent the time with me solving my problem, talking through the issues, and ultimately custom making cables and adapters to solve my problem. And the best part is that the results worked beautifully, and they didn’t actually cost that much in the end, especially when you compare the price to the quality audio and video I now have. We’re talking about professionally finished cables and adapters here – not some garage hack-job: real professionally made custom cables and adapters using only top-quality components. And of course Gregory stocks an amazing array of pre-made high quality (and I mean HIGH) cables and adapters for those times when you don’t need a custom job. There is no such thing as “low end” here – it’s all quality stuff. But surprisingly, the price is comparatively low. I bought some of these too! And all my cables and adapters arrived very quickly and in perfect condition – packed perfectly for the rigors of Australia Post! I fully recommend c-Link – it made me want to replace ALL the existing cables in the house!!

Eddie Owen, NSW

I got the stuff today. (Ir Kit and IR60 Target) It took no longer than a minute to plug it in and get it running with the Foxtel IQ2 (I have existing Cat5 wiring), so it appears to be all good!

Jeremy Taylor, NSW

Hey Guys, well, have to say i was very sceptical about a power cable improving my system. A friend had told me it would make a small difference to the Music Fidelity amp that I run with my B&W's. I did what you said and left it in there for a few weeks without really trying to hear a difference then took it out and put the old one back in. And yes, just like you said a small but noticable improvement with the newer power cable. Can't even begin to wonder how that works but it does. Thansk as well for offering to take it back without question, it helped with my peace of mind in the purchase.

Patrick Andrews, NSW

Wow, the replacement splitter arrived today, and I wanted to thank you for acting so quickly. When buying something online, I'm never quite sure about what sort of service I might get. However you have shown me that c-Link care about their customers and provide excellent follow-up service, even when things go wrong. I'll be sure to come back to c-Link for my next purchase.

Richard Trout, NSW

Thanks for your brilliant customer service, and thanks for staying back after work hours to allow me to pick up the cables.
They look absolutely brilliant!

Eric Huang, NSW

Just like to say, thank you very much for the top notch customer service. Received the switch (3x1 HDMI) yesterday and it is absolutely perfect!

Daniel Kelly

(1st email) My cables have arrived and I have now had a chance to set my system up with them. Speakers sound very nice with the Vortex cables. Hopefully this weekend I can watch some DVD’s and see how the Quantum dynamix cables perform.

(2nd email) I had a chance to watch a DVD on Saturday and one set of the quantum Dynamix component cable work very nicely, and I get beautiful surround sound from the audio coax Quantum dynamix cable. It really complements my system. I must say you have been very good with getting your responses back to me and patiently answering all my queries, as well as providing a nice product at the end of the day (dead interconnect not withstanding). If I need more cables in the future then I won’t hesitate to drop you line.

Tom Chappell, WA

Hi Gregory, Thank you for sending those Vortex interconnects and HDMI cables, plus the HDMI 1-to-2 distribution amplifier. Just wanted to drop a line and say that I am very happy with the cables and even happier with the service that I have received from you and your site. I finally got around to hooking up my system this weekend with the Blu-Ray Player, HD Set Top Box and DVD player running HDMI to my AV pre-amp, and the Vortex interconnects from the pre-outs to a power-amp comprising 7 x 200 watts @ 8 Ohms Class D monoblocks. I am not sure what I was expecting, I was honestly a little worried as to what cables would best serve to carry an accurate signal to an amp with that kind of power, but to say I am impressed is an understatement. The timbre of the sound has gone from a slightly "tinny" or "breathy" tone to a thunderous rich tone that even my wife (ordinarily tone deaf on these things) commented on - I am finally getting full bass extension but without any compromises on the upper registers. Just to make sure I was not kidding myself, I disconnected the Vortex and connected 4 sets of stereo cables from a retail competitor. The difference was immediately obvious - gone was the depth and the warmth, and whilst still detailed the sound was ultimately unsatisfying in the lower registers. Going back to the Vortex, music was much more satisfying and, like you said would be the case, voices now just sound more "real" in movies - it's surprising how accurate the ear is for the tone of the human voice. Thanks again for taking the (considerable) time to discuss the merits of the Vortex with me - I will be recommending them as an interconnect between pre-amp and power-amp to all my friends who are thinking of going to separates. And you were right - with HD audio and a set of full-frequency speakers, I can notice the difference of the top of the line cables, so it was worth doing all 7 channels in Vortex and not just the fronts. I was also surprised by the quality of the Evolution HDMI cables - particularly at this price point. Most manufacturers really gouge the consumer on HDMI cables with massive mark-ups and no clear indication half the time whether they are certified to pass 1080p / 24fps or HD audio. The basic Evolution series all passed 1080p / 24fps without an issue to the pre-amp, and HD audio from the Blu-Ray Player, for about a half to a quarter of the cost of the lowest spec cables from other major cable manufacturers that can be purchased retail. And last, but not least, the 1-to-2 distribution amplifier was very impressive. I really needed something to split 2 x 1080p / 24fps images to a Full HD panel and a projector but I didn't want to spend an extra $1,000 for one of the few AV receivers with 2 HDMI outputs. The distributor enabled me to get a much cheaper AV pre-amp and now I can run 2 x 1080p / 24fps x.v.colour images simultaneously without picture degradation, even with a 15m run to the projector Again, I'm very glad you mentioned the Vortex to me, and helped me choose the right cabling for my system. Had I settled with my original choices I believe I would be dissatisfied - but now I can sit back in the knowledge that I am getting the most out of my system. Please feel free to post these comments on your website, as I think those expanding into the realm of separates and HD audio should be aware that buying cables at retail prices may not be the best use of their funds, when they can be getting better quality cables cheaper from you and your site.

Evan Mentiplay, VIC

The Foxtel is much better with the new cables not sure why I put up with the inferior quality for so long.

Adam Pikusa, SA

I'm extremely happy with the cables - I'd heard some older generation Kordz cables before, so I knew they'd be good. I need to get some more cables for another setup soon, so I'll be back! Many thanks again

Mat Fitzsimmons, NSW

To c-Link, I recently purchased your KORDZ HDMI Master Series Cable and use it to drive Blu-Ray moves from the PS3 to a large True-HD LCD TV. The results are simply awesome, we compared the KORDZ with more expensive cables and found that blacks were more pronounced and certain shadings were crisper. The whole experience has been a series of surprises - surprised that delivery took 1 day from ordering, surprised at how beautifully presented the KORDZ cable was (I am not used to silk lined fancy boxes), and surprised at how crisp and clean the images are in comparison to other cables. If people knew what I know, they would not go anywhere else for their Home Theatre Cables.

Stephen Allwyn, NSW

I've been really happy with your last generation HDMI cable for DVD usage (18 months), so now that I've just added a HDMI Xbox 360 to my system I've purchased your newer evo-s HDMI cable to hook it up. The Xbox 360 now runs at 1080p Enhanced with your HDMI cable which is markedly better than even Xbox's AV component cable (which can only run 1080i on my 50" Viera plasma). I'm seeing slight hue and shape subtleties that I've never seen before, and as a result colours/shapes are defintely sharper/crisper. So thanks! But don't ask my wife for a testimonial now that her husband is on the end of a controller more often!

Ben Prendergast, VIC

A 46" Samsung M8 LCD TV plugged into a Topfield HD PVR mysteriously stopped displaying video through the HDMI inputs after about 3 months of use. It worked through the 3rd HDMI input on the side of the unit, but that lasted about 15 minutes when the colour suddenly washed out, a number of analogue style noise lines appeared through the picture, massive amounts of digital picture break-up set-in, and then the screen went completely black and said no signal (just like the other HDMI ports did before it). It worked fine through component in, so we knew the Topfield was functional. Rang Samsung warranty repairs, spoke to a Service technician who said it was a settings thing, and there was nothing he could do. If he came out, Samsung wouldn't pay him as it wasn't a warranty repair issue. He wouldn't (or couldn't) elaborate, and much arguing later, I decided to search the internet for potential answers. Searched the net and there was a massive amount of speculation and (mis)information regarding the problem with Samsung HDMI 1.3a ports on their display panels. It appears that they require a HDMI 1.3a specification cable in order for them to work consistently (or at all in some cases) regardless of what version HDMI port they may be connected to at the other end of the cable. Purchased an evo-s HDMI 1.3a cable from c-Link, plugged it in, and the picture worked straight away. Not only that, but we now have audio through the HDMI input (which we never had using the old cable). The old cable does actually work on an older device that doesn't support HDMI 1.3a, but will not work on the Samsung LCD anymore (don't know why). This could turn out to be the cheapest and most convenient/effective warranty repair ever made to an LCD TV.

Andrew Baldwin, NSW

Hi to all staff at c-Link. 
Congrats on the new name and the website absolutely fantastic. I finally have purchased the Master LFE cable and let me tell this thing is a Gem. From the great fit connection to its rigid feel you can feel the 18awg content. The overall sound has improved right through to all the speakers especialy to the sub, the bass is tight and very accurate right down th 30Hz and the sound is just unbelieble.

Sasha Klun, NSW

Dear c-Link, I received my 2m Evolution-S HDMI cable this afternoon. Thank you for the prompt delivery (I only ordered yesterday) and the product is fantastic. Cheers.

Luke Needham, NSW