Published: 12/04/2015


  • Want to be able to watch 3 different sources simultaneously on 4-5 different displays, Media centre, Foxtel and PS3
  • 2  displays in the home theatre room, projector (6m) and LCD (3m)
  • Other three displays are rec room (10m), kids room (15m) and master bedroom(18m)
  • Distances from source units to displays are 2m up to 22m
  • Must be able to control sources from remote locations


  • 4x2 Matrix over Cat6 with dual HDMI outputs
  • 2 HDMI Extender receivers 30m with IR units
  • 1 HDMI Extender extender
  • 10m Kordz HDMI Pro series cable
  • 3m CLINK High End HDMI Cable
  • 6 of 0.5m Kordz Pro series HDMI Cable
  • Output 1 uses both the HDMI (3m) output to supply the LCD
  • Output 1 also supplies the Projector via cat6 (6m) output and then the master bedroom (18m) by making use of the extender extender
  • Output 2, uses the HDMI output to supply the rec room (10m) via straight HDMI cable
  • Output 2 also supplies the kids room (15m) via cat6
  • End result of this  setup is that the home theatre LCD and projector as well as the main bedroom are all on output 1, whilst the rec room and kids room are on output 2, so the kids can be watching something different from parents at the same time. Full IR control is available in Home theatre room, kids bedroom and main bedroom.