Published: 12/04/2015


  • Need to have Foxtel IQ2 distributed to multiple displays, 11 in total, which range from 5m up to 50m in distance from source
  • Closest TV display is in the same room at 5m, 3 other TVs are in rooms nearby, 7-10m.
  • Another 4 displays are on the lower level, within 5m of each other but approximately 20m of cable run from original Foxtel IQ2 box
  • Remaing 3 displays are in an external area just under 50m from original source and 35m from secondary lower level


  • 2 of 1x8 HDMI Splitter over cat5e/6
  • 1x4 HDMI splitter
  • 2 of HDMI Extender receiver 50m with IR
  • 11 of HDMI Extender receiver 30m with IR
  • HDMI Cable supplied by customer
  • First 1x8 Splitter supplies the 4 displays on upper level closest to Foxtel box, one output of this goes to a 50m Extender receiver on lower level which is then connected to second 1x8 splitter
  • Second 1x8 splitter supplies the 4 displays on lower level and one ouput goes to the other 50m extender receiver to supply the 1x4 splitter
  • The 1x4 splitter then supplies the external displays via the remaining 30m extender receivers
  • End result is that all displays were able to receive 1080p signal from Foxtel IQ2 and channels can be changed from all remote locations.